Privacy Policy

Quality Policy

Our philosophy is to concentrate on the implementation of a well-structured Quality Policy. Our Quality Policy is to provide our customers with products, which are safe, produced under stringent hygienic procedures and which comply in all respects with customer specifications and all legal requirements. Each member of the staff working in production, packaging, storage and distribution are thoroughly trained in food hygiene standards. Managers, supervisors and operators receive full training to carry out quality tests at regular intervals. Our success hinges on our capacity to serve those who buy our products. We continually strive to institute a climate of confidence, credibility, and satisfaction with our customers by providing the highest-quality products which cultivates repeat business.

Safety Policy

The safety of our products is assured through regular reviews and quality control in accordance with the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act of India. Shreeji Foods does not employ artificial means of production or use synthetics in producing any of its products. Priority is given to identification and taking corrective actions for perceivable risks with the aim of preventing accidents and production safety. Apart from this, our products are checked for bacteriological tests such as standard plate count, coliform and bacterial spore counts, chemical tests such as tests for fat%, SNF%, protein and ash and tests for adulterants such as preservatives, neutralizer and urea.

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